Driving home for Christmas


I ran into Leah (why can't I remember the spelling of her name right now?) at the airport. Paul and Chelsea were flying in at the same time as Eric (different planes, Eric's flight was late).

Fancy meeting you here.

That's Stuffin' on the left, but Dressing on the right.

Who and I tour an apartment. We agree to rent the unseen. We go around taking pictures for the lease.

She entrusted Who with the camera, while I signed some papers.

And the move begins...

My first apartment with paneling: Fuck yeah.

I don't think you're going to fit, little friend.

Before we moved in, she already found 3 things in this bathroom that needed to be repaired. Yay?

Then like a month later the sink had to be replaced.

The bedroom I eventually dumped on Who, because it was slightly smaller and had a dinky closet.

Dinky closet.

That kind of has a weird mirror affect, but it's not, it's our mutual doors.

The beautiful view from Who's bedroom window.

And mine.

Back at my then-current apartment, The Star Wars marathon begins! Olin and Who came voluntarily. Eric was there only because the alternative was sitting out in the rain or the empty other apartment.

Josh, Lauren and Tracy came. It was the first time Who or I met Tracy.

I got Josh to help me carry my bed out to use as a couch. The only other time he'd been to one of my dwellings was when he was saving my ass by helping me move out of the Eureka house, where he carried my bed down the Winding Staircase Of Doom. The time after this was at my birthday party, where he again helped me move the bed out into the living room. The time after that I offered to move the bed just to keep with tradition, but he declined.

Chris dropped by for a little while during the first episode.

He left early though, because he's lame.

I believe this was some sort of intermission.

Lauren doesn't realize I already got her picture.

And again.

Taking Josh's place for a fully concentual picture.

Olin's so excited to finally get his speakers back. I was afraid I was going to have to haul them to my third (3rd) dwelling.

That same night, Eric escaped the clutche sof several hours of Star Wars going to a party with Jessie. We picked them up around midnight after only 4 Star Wars movies (Who and I quit the marathon early because we knew we'd be moving all day the next day, and felt that required a little rest.) As Episode IV ended, Eric and Jessie called requesting a ride home from the party and a tirp to Denny's.

Look at Eric smiling peacefully in his sleep. That's because he doesn't know that tomorrow will bring THE MOVE THAT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!

I think that hat's a little big, yo.

These go one slow trip at a time in my car.


We went to Eureka Natural Foods only to discover that someone had slaughtered Rosie and was selling her for food!

Eric found the notion truly terrifying.

What's not pictured here is the move that took us from like noon until like 4 AM. Followed the next morning by a brisk 10 hour drive down to San Luis Obispo, where of course we stayed at the beautiful Madonna Inn.

We stayed in a green room! It was by far the best room we'd ever been in. My camera doesn't even do it justice.

Who couldn't take is eyes off the chandelier.

This bathroom was the best. Even if I didn't already have great love for the Madonna Inn, this alone would have won me over.

I never tire of their fancy toilets, even if they do reuse this patterned toilet in several rooms.

And the pull-flush thing? Very confusing at first.

Look, even the part that gets splattered with shit if fancy. You can't beat that.

And the inevitable self-portrait.

The view from our porch.

The next morning, watching Blair Witch 2, which didn't make a lot of sense.

Eric portraits!

Matching portraits.

Before realizing they were blurry, we were going to frame one of each of us and give them to my mom.

Beautiful SLO. Beautiful because I don't live there. I'm sure it gets old.

Who! Startled!

They were touching up the paint. First thing in the morning, I peeked out the door, and there's two dudes with a ladder standing there. I decided not to take pictures of the outside after all.

I really like this picture. It represents just one of the so many times that we've piled in this car for the home stretch of a long drive.

What are they both so excited about?

I think it was somebody going into one of the fancy rooms.

We got a gardener to take the traditional tourist picture. It occured to me too late that I probably should have tipped him.