The tail end fo the Fall semester


accidental video

Who got out the week before I did, so he flew into Arcat and rode home with me.

In the mean time, he hung around and read. A lot. And ate pancakes.


Check out the tattoo Who gave himself. What a perv.

Seek some professional help, would you?

The cool thing about living in a house that is two residences, is that you can have a lazy bastard like me living in one of them, and then in the other one you can have people who take care of the yard and put up Chrismtas lights, and the lazy party benefits also.

What a happy snowman!

Man, what is with Who's love of writing x rated things all over the place?

"Eric loves sugar water!"

At the beach! Or rather, walking from the lot to the beach. Who preparing to make the arduous journey across this pool of liquid.

This wasn ot my work, oddly enough.

Neither was this.

This has to be the hugest sand crab I have ever seen, dead or alive.

Who's stylish new persona he aquired at a thrift store.

And the slutty maniquin.

Oh look, a puppy that dispenses gum balls. So you can always have fresh doggy balls.

These bastards got to sleep in while I had to get up and go to my goddamn finals.