Who's visit, part 2


We went on a picnic. We just started in the direction of Tish Tang, for lack of a better idea, figuring maybe inspiration would strike us. We almost stopped to eat here, but decided a freeway-side picnic wasn't such a great idea. Eventually we did wind up in Tish Tang. On the plus side, I got a lot of reall cool pictures. Who looks like he's in a Creed video.

Who loves his sylish bib. It came with the pumpkin pie.

It kept flying up in the wind, so eventually he found a clever way to keep it in its place.

Note to the observant: yes, that is the tea party blanket in the background.

That night we went out to dinner with Chris. The last time Who was in town, I said something to Chris about, "We ought to hang out so you can meet my friend," and he's all "I don't know..." I was saddened, but didn't really blame him. Other people's friends are often annoying.

This year, having momentarily forgotten that story, I said the same thing. Without even hesitating he's like "Ok!" I was real honored by his willingness to meet Who. Upon learning that we'd been friends for seven years, Chris goes, "Woah, so you can like, finish eachother's sentences and stuff?"

After taking his picture so many times, he wanted to take ours.

So I did something funny with my right eye, and Who turned his ear into an x.

Chris was surprised.

One day, leaving CCAT, I stumbled accross this. I vowed that when Who came to town, he would be the one digging compost. Unfortunately, it was just propped up against a bunch of stuff, and wasn't really mobile.

Thanks to my über 1337 h@x0r skillz, that wasn't a problem:

There's my car!

There's my Who!

At the airport, awaiting Who's plane, we played with legos, and my camera used its flash against my wishes.



Note to the observant: "Departure Screening Gate 1" is extraneous. There are two gates. One for departures, one for arrivals. God forbid they should fail to label them.