Who's arrival


While waiting for his luggage to arrive, we made forts from legos.

My fort had a secret enterence behind the bush. Don't tell the spies.

And a lake-front view.

Complete with convenient back door right on the lake itself.

I find it really amusing that the phrase "Oh no" made the front page of the local newspaper. More recently (2/9?/06), the phrase "Waffles make great snacks!" was front page news. I sorely regret not purchasing that paper.

Who and I spent some time at Dollar Tree. We were, as usual, unsure of what to make of the pseudo-ceramic statues.

They sell picture frames to match these bears. Am I crazy, or is the one on the left particularly busty?

And of course angels come in all colors (but not all shapes.)

We were so close to buying this for Alex. You push the little button, and a creepy lady (faintly visable) appears and says something. There were a few different models.

Who's disappointed. He wanted it for himself.

I realized that I'd known Christ for almost 2 years, but I don't have a picture of us together, so I took this while we were supposed to be studying for the Operating Systems final.

Josh made a blog on myspace devoted to Alex, and we felt that he should take a touching, emo self-portrait for it. Unfortunately, he was unable to hold the camera still.

Ultimately I held the camera, and he held his arms up like he was holding the camera, and I took the picture. Then I changed it to black and white, turned the contrast way up, and sent it to him. He added some noise, and voala!