Who's visit, part 1


Thank god the TSA is around to make sure no one waits too long at the loading area at the Arcata-Eureka Airport.

Chaos would surely erupt if all these people vying for spots were allowed to stay for more than 3 minutes!

And there's his plane.

No wait, that's his plane!

The door is finally opening!

Hurry up, Who!

There he is, head blocked out by chain link fence.

A video of Who walking up to the turnstyle. I was trying to film and look at the same time, with minimal success.

Once we left the aiprort, I dragged Who's tired ass to CCAT, to participate in the tail end of CCAT Week, including a presentation on raw food.

Then I made him go on a tour, led by Glenn, and took pictures of the raw food presentation going on below.

We left for a little while, with the intention of returning for the potluck, but Who fell asleep. I didn't really want to be like "Who! You have to get up and socialize with people you don't even know!" so instead I took his picture.

I kept expecting him to wake up, but he didn't.

The next day, we drank soymilk out my my naked lady glasses.

Have I ever told that story? When I moved into my Eureka house, I found the previous owners had left me several gifts. Not as many as Alex and Kat's predicessor had left for them, thankfully, but a few. The best part was the wine glass collection. I don't drink wine, but I love wine glasses. I left most of them in the Eureka house for the next resident, but there was no way I was parting with these naked lady glasses. I remember when I was a little kid, a fancy shmancy store near my house had glasses like this, and I always wanted them. So you can imagine my thrill when I found these waiting for me in the Eureka house.

Who likes them as much as I do. BACK OFF YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!

Then we went to CostCo with Eli. His cat had to stay home.