The Walkathon

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Goddamn it Jodi, how many times have I told you not to leave your stuff lying around like that?

"If I act like I'm doing nothing wrong, no one will even notice that I have her over my shoulder"
Actually we did notice
But apparently no one found this kidnapping signifigant enough to do anything about it

Every time I see Robert, he asks me to take a picture of him. Every time.
And every time I tell him I've told him that he asked me that before and I took a picture of him. And he never believes me.

Kelly and Pete

This was the theme of last year's walkathon. The theme of this year's walkathon was "Lets all pretend like we're going to re-enact last year then ditch Pete, Kelly, KJ, and Jodi at the last second"

Hairy Man Legs!
You'll never guess which ones belong to me.

There used to be naked people along this wall, but apparently it offended some people with cheese for brains, and the owners had to make a half-assed attempt at carving cloths on them.

Natasha and Dan

Natasha and Caroline are too cool to talk to me

Pete and Kelly

People. Walking. Neat.

More people walking. Neater.