Tish Tang with Ajay and friends


Prior to leaving, we picked up some food at Wildberries, and I noticed this delicious treat.

Out at Tish Tang. I've already forgotten the name of the guy on the left, but I want to say it's Matt.

She made one of those zen rock towers!

There were frogs sunning themselves on the rocks. Can you find the one in this picture?


I suspect there were more frogs here.

Person Who May Be Named Matt was the first one to get in the water. He was brave.

Most of the adventure took place between these two pictures, but I didn't have my camera because I was going in and out of the water. There was a cliff with a rope on it, and Ajay was the only person who was brave enough to try it. I took pictures with his camera.

We sissy girls only got in about chest high.