I flew into LAX because it was like $200 cheaper. On the way home, we stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom. On the back of the door someone had drawn this, what looks to me, like a cheerful razor blade. O happy dagger!


This cat is scared of her own shadow. Every time I come home I have to earn her trust again. Now she's leaving because I got too close to her for the above picture.


Uh, ok.

Oh, I remember, it was a glowing angel. My mom got it for my uncle.

This we at my uncle's birthday party. He had to celebrate it from an old folks home because he'd recently fallen and broken his hip and dislocated his shoulder.

At least he got cake.

Which he is clearly absolutely thrilled about.

The equally thrilling social calendar.

Now we are in the stairwell of my dentist's office. Seemed like an odd place to store things.

Some kind of weird sign.

I was kind of tempted to scoot it back so I could get a good look at it, but I heard someone enter the stairwell, and I didn't know if they'd appreciate my snooping. Now we'll never know what it said.

My camera was on its last legs, so it was having some trouble focusing. My aunt requested that I never put her image on the internet, but I'm making an exception because its not really an identifying photo.

Back in focus for my mom. Hoorah!

We had thanksgiving out on our newly redone deck. You no longer have to worry about stepping on the wrong spot and falling through.

Eric did the cooking while my mom and aunt and I visited my uncle in the old folks home, and three cheers for him.

Listening to Jane, not pictured.

Note the puking chicken in the foreground.

Puke on the mashed potatoes, little chicken!

Kitty in a drawer!

(If you're not amused by kitty in a drawer pictures, be prepared to scroll for a while.)

The next morning.

At Bassam with Eric and Rory.

Rory loves it.

I almost deleted this picture, but I liked Eric's face.

Jodi! Woot!

I missed my plane back up, so I bussed it. Yee-fuckin-haw.

Actually I was on a train for like 6 of the 20 hours. That's when I took this upside down picture of the emergency brake. I don't know why I found it amusing. Probably because I'd been trapped in assorted small spaces for like 12 hours.