Watching Teen Wolf with Josh, Tracy and Lauren


The morning after my birthday party, Who and I were standing in the kitchen when we heard people outside. Not sure what to make of people existing in a public place, we opened the door to find Josh, Lauren and Tracy standing outside leaving a note under a rock, inviting us to watch Teen Wolf with them. This is the thrilling story of watching a movie.

In this stunning video, you will see Josh, Tracy and Lauren doing the entirely likely: Sitting.

Here, they continue to sit. But this is only a still; only a video will permit you to expierence the action and thrill of it all!

Josh must of gotten a haircut, because his ears look huge.

Afterwards, we played a video game where we were all James Bond, but the only weapon any of us had was the ability to slap. In this game it was possible to be bitchslapped to death.