Tea Party 28


As we walked from Santa Fe to Pokez, there was some kind of a movie set or something. They had this big table full of refreshments. We wandered over to check it out, waiting for someone to chase us away, but no one did. Who, Lia and I resisted the urge to have a refreshing glass of Iced Te Fruit Punch, but Stephen helped himself to a cookie.

It wasn't until we were walking away, and I was taking this picture, that somebody noticed us, but by then Stephen had already gotten his grubby hands and mouth all over it, so they didn't ask for it back.

We stopped at a thrift store on the way. They had a big old Dell server which Stephen and I spotted at the exact same instant. We gave eachother a look like "I saw it first", but they wanted $70 for it, so we moved on.

Specifically, we moved on to this building. We were not sure why it was, or why it required such a stringent, highly capitalized dress code:

  • No Casual Clothing
  • Jeans must be neat and presentable
  • No Sneakers or Tennis Shoes
  • No Athletic Apparel
  • No T-Shirts, Tank Tops or Sleeveless Shirts
  • No Caps, Hats, Beanies or Headgear
  • No Baggy Clothing or Cargo Pants
  • No Open Toed Shoes or Sandals
  • No Fubu Allowed
As we were reading it, a man emerged wearing dirty, un-presentable jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. When he came back, we asked him what it was. He told us it was a night club, and offered to give us a tour. It's a 3-story former bank, but even the vault is now a bar. Apparently all kinds of celebrities whose names I've since forgotten come and pay like $10.000 to rent a booth for a night.

Leaving the night club, we stopped at a hat store, where Who bought a top hat. I tried to tell him he wanted on in a color that would contrast more with the rest of his ensamble, like bright pink, but he wouldn't listen.

And then I gave him this beautiful hairdo at Marioland.

The next day I was watching Unsolved Mysteries, and there was the story of a cat burglar called The Dinnertime Bandit. They showed a sketch or something of him, and he looked startlingly like the guy who gave us the tour of the night club. Meanwhile the voiceover announced something along the lines of, "He may be working in a night club."