Tea Party 27


Start the day off right with a big tub of Toilet Waste!

Ashley and I still have matching cameras.

Yes, still matching.

No water in the fountain. Instead, brand new, all vegan shoes.

Some sort of game Sarah was playing with my leg hair, the details of which I've forgotten.

The obstacle course.

What does that gesture mean?

And how is it related to Ashley's posture?

"How much does Jesus love you?"

Or else. This was not originally in the context of divine love, but it makes sense here too.

Makes more sense than it did just sitting there.

Shopping cart games!

We took turns pushing the shopping cart to see how far we could get it to go.

Ashley and Who stand where theirs stopped to mark the spot. Looks like Who's the winner.

Wow, the whole day was filled with divine revelations.

Watch out for the bombs!

This is a hard hat job.

Lacking hard hats, we did not enter.

We went to Santa Fe instead, to await our various forms of public transportation.

As the coaster went by I stood at the end of Santa Fe and danced like a maniac, but they did not see me. However several drivers waiting for the train to pass did, and they honked. I don't think this guy was one of them.