The Eleventh Tea Party


Technically I missed this one, although it wasn't my fault. A certain relative wanted help on the computer, and in return agreed to drive me to the coaster station. I told her what time I wanted to leave, and she said she had to go to the bank first. She's usually pretty punctual, so I thought nothing of it. For those who dont' know, the Coaster arrives downtown about noon. I like to be there at like 11:30. Anyway, this relative arrived home somewhat after noon then drove to the coaster station at like, literally, 10 miles an hour. It was SO upsetting. Anyway, I went to Marioland, but found no one. I went to all the usual hangouts, to no avail. I wound up waiting at the Coaster station for like 3 hours, thinking they were bound to come by, but my thinking was erroneous. But while sitting there for 3 hours, I got this great picture of the coaster, which is on my wall. I'm looking at it right now as a matter of fact.

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