Driving down for summer


Before even getting out of Humboldt County, I got a speeding ticket. So, since I had to drive unreasonably slowly for the next 750 miles, I decided to take pictures.

Of my windshield wiper.

Here comes the Legend Of Bigfoot place that Eric and I love everso!

Eric and I always talk about getting one of those carvings for the house, but we never do.

I think I was trying to get a picture of the entrence to the Richardson Grove park, but I missed it, because my camera turned itself off.

But I did manage to get a picture of the no-name enterence.

My math teacher this semester would always say stuff about not being able to go 60 miles an hour through Richardson Grove, "or you'd wrap your car around a redwood tree", and I always knew exactly which tree he was talking aobut. Not this one, but this is a pretty good second choice.

Little does he know I've gone 60 miles though here and lived to tell.

And this is where the picture of the redwood tree should be, but the camera shut itself off again.

Somewhere back there is the One Log House that Jodi peed on.

No idea.

San Francisco less than 200 miles! Woo!

Ahh, civilization. If you can call Willits civilization.

The "Great! Chinese Food" sign my camera usually shuts itself off for.

My mom and I always threaten to ride that train, but never do.

Guess what's made here?

I sure love driving behind this same Volkswagon all goddamn day.

Bay Area! Going over the Richmond Bridge into Berkeley!

One of the first times I made this drive, Eric was with me, and he was very unnerved by this bridge. They're not really depicted, but later on this bridge has spikes on which the guardrail rests. The guardrail blocks out most of the ocean, so you just get little snippets of it out of your peripheral vision. Apparently they don't have anything like this in Ohio, and Eric had never seen such a thing before.

Why aren't we going anywhere?

Oh, here we go.

Look! The little windows!

It was sunset, and the bridge looked really awesome.

Whenever I try and take pictures from this bridge, they never turn out. But this trip was a magical exception. I got all kindsa cool pictures of the underbelly of the bridge. Which granted, is no ocean, but I'll take what I can get.

Provided it's not a port-o-potty.

I ran out of space on my card here. I deleted a video I'd accidentally shot (the other thing I hate about this camera), but it only allowed me to take one more picture. Luckily, I had an extra, if very sissy, card on my person to take over.

Alex, looking coyly over his shoulder.

(After taking thi picture, we got into an argument about how, in fact, he was looking over his shoulder. He claimed to be shrinking away in fear, but that's clearly not the case.)

(Our other recurring argument is who has better sushi - Sushi Deli in San Diego or Party Sushi in Berkely. I'm still saying Sushi Deli, but I will conceede that Party Sushi, sign in background, has a cooler name.)

E-mailing my CCAT coworker! Woot!

I passed the 150,000 mile mark in the middle of the night.

Finally going to bed at 3 AM in LeBec, a town in the grapevine about 80 miles north of LA.

What a beautiful day to spend in a car!

And what a beautiful car to spend it in!

Ahh! The freeway to which I inevitably return!

Los Angeles! With a San Diego sign in the distance.

Seeing the first sign naming your desination on a long road trip is always so satisfying.

Or not.

Almost home! Woot!