Coming home for summer


My beautiful room in gorgeous Colony Inn. I flung my arm while holding an allegedly empty glass of soymilk. Voila!

I kind of miss it, oddly enough.

My mom loves to drive my lazy ass home.

Glowing bug guts! Yay!

Bored car pictures.


Oh, ok.


Oh beautiful, beloved Madonna Inn.
Madonna Inn

The obligitory touristy picture in front of the building. Where's Eric when you need him?

Oh here he is! Fresh from 1999! (That was before he grew legs, you know.)

We stopped at Pea Soup Andersen's on the way back. I took pictures of the stickers while my mom spent all goddamn day in the bathroom. (I suppose I'll come to regret that comment one day when I'm in my 60s and I take all goddamn day in the bathroom.)
Pea Soup Andersen's

I found the warning amusing.

Getting coffee in Capistrano.

And the obligitory rash of kitty pictures.

Willow's so cute when I don't live with him.

And look! Here's Eric again! Come to say hello to Frisky!

The diagonal crosswalk at Market and 5th!

Beautiful, blurry downtown.