Star Wars Marathon


Whenever we both have the time, Who and I clear our schedules for a day and watch all 6 Star Wars movies in sequence. For the record, I'm not a fan of the new trillogy, but I spent so many years anticipating it that I'm determined to learn to like them. Every time I watch all 14 hours, the new trillogy looks less and less shoddy.

I'd told a few people at the potluck about the upcoming marathon, but I didn't expect anyone to actually remember. You can imagine my surprise when Josh knocked on the door just as we were beginning The Empire Strikes Back.

At one point I got up to go to the kitchen, and Josh requested peanuts. When I returned, I chucked them at his head from the doorway. Turns out the bag had a hole in it, and peanuts were sprinkled merrily about the floor. Then when the bag hit the wall, it ruptured, and spilled peanuts in my bed.