The Day Before The Walkathon

It fuckin' rained for once in my life, so Jessie and I splashed in this puddle.

Shannon O'Dell

They pretended not to pose for this picture

They pretended not to pose for this picture, either.

The day before, or maybe even several before, I walked around Old Town with Jon and everything was spelled with an extra "e". Like we went to this Game Shoppe. And there were signs that told us we were in "Olde Towne". And we come to this one, The Olde San Diego Sody Shoppe And Emplorium. Then there's this little cart sitting out side it, and it was odvious that it was in connection with the same place, but on there it just said "Old San Diego Soda Shop and Emplorium".

Then we went to this other store, that had a sign that said "Yes, we're a store, come on in."