The Walkathon

A lot of these aren't even from the Walkaton, what I did was a lot of the pictures that were after the walkathon, but before Revenge Of Doh, I just added here.

Everybody at the walkathon. After I took this picture all these dumb trendy chicks came up to me and they're like "Take our picture" and I was like "No". And they were like "Why not?" and I said "Because I only want pictures of these losers" and I pointed to everybody. And they're like "Why do you think they're losers?" and I said "Look at them. Anybody can see they're losers" and then I said to Caroline "Are you, or are you not, a loser?" and she was like "I sure am!"

There was this weird sign, with this guy in his underwear that didn't really seem to have a purpose.

We had us a hoe down

Gonzolo took this picture

Gonzolo's in this picture (in the middle)

Further proof that Karl is The Red-Haired Rapist

Caroline cut her hair.

Mary thought she could escape without my notice.

After the walkathon we had to walk another x number of miles to hunt down a busstop.

On the way we passed by Wex Whools


Who looked homeless.

We went to pizza

As usual

And Kelly spilled on herself (as usual)

Who's CD case kept mooning me

Shannon O'Dell

I was tired