Revenge Of Doh

Featuring unattactive pictures of the likes of myself, Karl Balch, Shannon O'Dell, Kendall Rogers, Jessica MacDonald, as well as some foreign exchange students who just happened to wander in. And yes, I did get the obligitory pictures of Jessie and Billy being cute. Several, as a matter of fact.

The members of Revenge Of Doh, (Billy Jones, James Jones, Stephen Jones, and Kendall Rogers)

Revenge Of Doh in action!

The first couple pictures turnedout all fuzzy, and I had three rolls, so I got them back, and I nearly wet myself. "I TOOK THREE ROLLS OF THIS?!?!?!"

And of course I got several good pictures of the audience

The audience sitting around

Karl blowing bubbles

Jessie and Billy being cute.

A pretty picture of Shannon

Jessie and Shannon dancing together

Krista and Stephen swing dancing together

The Jones brothers

James, Billy and Jessie ar pretending they're not posing for this picture

Jessie saw this picture and said it was her Guitar God.

This would therefore be her Sing God, or Sing Demi-God

And this is the Bass God/Bass Demi-God

(Note: I didn't get a close up of the Drum God/Drum Demi-God becuase he was hiding all the way in the back, I have a picture of him when he's not drumming, which was taken when some little dumb kids sang karyoke or whatever to some song that it too sacred to be turned into karyoke.)

I did, however, get a picture of Karl playing drums. He looks evil. Suprise, suprise.

Delta Minor also played.

Delta Minor from another angle

Jessie is their lead singer

James Jones watching Delta Minor

At one point I gave my camera to Kendall, and he took a bunch of pictures of various people. Some of these I have taken, I don't really remember, but most of them were Kendall's:
Me again
James Jones
James Jones again
Sarah Jones
Stephen Jones
Jessie and Billy Jones
Jessica McDonald
Shannon O'Dell
Shannon O'Dell agian
Meghann Sweeny
Karl Balch and Meghann Sweeny swing dancing
His drums (or at least I assumed they're his)
Some foreign exchange students who wandered over
His mom and the other band member's parents
Some kid in silver playing with glowsticks.
This is some guy. I e-mailed Billy to find out what his name is, and I went and forgot it, so he's still anonamyous.