The Spazboy/Groovy Ghoolies/MTX Show


There was another band, some chick band, but I don't remember what it's called.

We got there two and a half hours early to get tickets, and such. Caroline and Natasha went inside to look for the lead singer from MTX, Dr. Frank, who is not a real doctor. Mr. T Expirence is thier favorite band, and they'd been waiting for this show for several months. Dan and I waited out side under this tree. Anyway, we started throwing tree pieces at each other, and when they came out (about two hours later) it had escelated to a full scale war complete with a tree branch duel. We'd been running around stuff, and I sweat like a pig, so by the time the thing really started, I smelled so bad that Caroline wouldn't even stand next to me. Natasha's mom's boyfriend, Chuck, came along, not to keep an eye on us, but becuase he's an MTX fan. Natasha didn't feel well, so she decided just to go home with Chuck, who Caroline's mom had never met, or even heard much about for that matter. When she came to pick us up, Natasha explained she'd be going home with Chuck, and poor Caroline's mom just saw an unidentified fourty year old guy, standing behind Natasha, ready to take her home. Caroline's mom was like "Uh...I think you'd better come home with us". I'm not sure why that strikes me as being so funny. It wasn't really at the time. Just in case you care, Natasha did wind up going home with Chuck.

I saw this sign on the way to Caroline's house. Is it just me, or is the concept of a "living school", for whatever it is, really creepy?

Natasha put make-up on Dan before the show. He was the prettiest boy there.

Dan putting on his own make-up

Natasha, getting it on with Caroline's wall

Caroline and Natasha dance and sing along to Caroline's MTX CD before the show

Natahsa and Dan, before leaving Caroline's house.

Caroline, Dan, and Natasha, before the thing.


Kinky girlfight!

This was taken maybe ten minutes after the above two. I scanned it upside down by accadent, but then I decided it looked better that way, so it's still upside down.

I let caroline run a muck with my camera, so most, if not all, of the following pictures are hers.

The lead singer of Spazboy

The drummer for Spazboy

Natasha and Dan at the show, looking melodramatic

I have no idea who either of these chicks are

Or any of these guys

Nick Martin and some chick.

From left: Some chick, some other chick, Caroline, Dan, Natasha, me, Chuck.