Jodi hauled me along on her trip to Laughlin over Spring Break.

Jodi and Jack slept on the way up

We saw this binocular (or "binarcular", a la Shannon Kelsey) thing and it looked like a big blue penis.

We kept going to buffet after buffet for dinner/lunch/breakfast, and even though it was a different buffet every time, we kept having the same thing over and over. Anyway, one of the times Jodi didn't finish her mashed potatoes, so she made a face. I remember laughing hillariously at it, although it doesn't seem that funny now.

We fed the fish, until the birds started herassing us. We fed the birds more than the fish, becuase the birds would eat out of our hands, and the fish wouldn't. I even got a picture of Jack (Jodi's little brother) feeding a pigeon while sitting right over the "Please don't feed the birds" sign.

There was this little booth in one of the movie theaters, and it was one of these things where you and your friend get your pictures taken, and it combines the two to show what it would look like if you had a kid. Someone please explain to me how this looks like either of us.

At another movie theater, we saw a kind of late movie (we saw a movie every night we were there). This theater was in the outlet center, and all the other stores were closed. I got some interesting pictures of the closed mall. It doesn't sound like it'd be interresting, but it was just kind of scary because it felt so surreal. The theatre itself had been designed or decorated by tweekers or something. All the walls were neon purple, with neon pink lights, and odd shapes on the walls at weird angels. The doors were navy blue, and the carpet was like all of the above. After we saw the movie, we exited through one of those doors in the back of the theater. This led to this big, scary, hall. It felt like an insane asylum, or something out of a horror movie. Of course I had to take a picture of it. I said "This is so creepy, I feel like some guy with a big knife is just gonna appear and try to kill us" and just then, some jovial security guards opened the doors at the end of the hall and yelled something along the lines of "Boo!". You can even see the door ajar at the end of the hall. After that we saw a guy who looks like Paul Greene at a Terrible place. He was very nice. He gave me lots of free matches, most of which I still have.

This outlet center was wierd. It was a closest thing Laughlin has to a mall. In the food court, they had some Taco Bell knock off, which was selling, I kid you not, Taco Burgers. Of course I had to have one. It was ok. I could see how you could get used to it.

Jodi took a picture of the skylight in the outlet center

Me by the river.

This hotel room was really ugly

That's prime rib!

This is where I'm gonna hang out if I'm ever an alcoholic in Laughlin

Jodi drove. She actually wasn't bad, but traumatized her brother anyway.

In one of the hotels we stayed in, there was this door, and by it was a sign that said "Please, come on in" and on the door, there was another sign that said "Please do not enter, use other door"

We drove out to the middle of no where and looked at the Indian pictographs. I didn't get any pictures of them, but I did get a nice picture of the scenery.

Jodi and Jack on some rocks.

Jack and his dad climbing.

The grass was really tall.

On the way back, we stopped in Blythe to go to the potty. We got popsicles, too. Jodi's was green.

I got you a postcard, by the way