I probably misspelled it

The night I got back from Laughlin, I stayed up all night on the computer. Anyway, at about nine that night, Billy and I decided to meet in Encinetas. But for him to be able to get to the Coaster station, he had to hitch a ride with his mom on her way to work, and she left at like 6:30 AM. We wound up meeting at 7:19 AM. Nothing was open, and we'd both pulled all nighters, so we practiacally slept walked around Encinetas. Among other things we did, was find a cell phone just lying on the ground. It was the weirdest thing, becuase it was just sitting there, not hiding or anything. So we took it with us. I'm not sure what he's done with it since then. We looked at the surf, we got stickers made. We went to this coffee shop (where neither of us bought coffee), and sat outside, and they had this midget phone. You know how the top of the little box it comes in usually comes up to your face? It was all short. At about nine thirty we decided to take a bus back to his house. We're walking back to the bus/Coaster station, and all of the sudden a UPS guy tries to run us down! He pulled right up onto the side walk. I think I yelled something, and he was just like "Grumble grumble, I'm dumb, grumble". The bus we wanted wasn't there, and we had time to kill, so we just hopped on the one that was. Anyway, two or three busses and one weird guy later, we wound up at his house. Walking from the bus stop to his house I almost just fell over asleep like six times. When we finally go there, Stephen, James, Billy and I took turns playing Sin (a computer game). I was like falling asleep in the chair, and they kept going "We can do something else, I know you're bored", but I kept going "No, this is fine" because it allowed me to get some rest.