Spring Break


It was my first trip home alone, so I took 2 days. I wanted to clear of the Bay Area the firrst night, which meant (gasp) paying for lodging. This is in the parking lot of the hotel. There were 2 nauseatingly cute little bunny rabbits on the lawn. I opened my door, and they tripped over eachother trying to run from me.

Day 2. Bored behind the wheel. It continued on like this for maybe 4 hours.

With my mighty windshield, I murdered many bugs during the journey.

My mom was not the least bit amused by this picture, but I made great time. To her credit, she did not forbid me from ever doing such a thing again, she just forbid me to take pictures of it.

I didn't really need gas, but my windshield was getting opaque with bug guts. I washed it off, went into the little store and came back. Just as I was getting ready to start the ignition, this little bird alighted on my hood and started eating the bugs out of my windshield wipers.

He flew away when he saw the camera. I guess he's shy.

Ahh, Los Angeles. The reason it's impossible to average 85 miles per hour down the state.

It was like this for like 2 hours.

Ahh, hot beverage. I suspect only Eric will truly appreciate this picture.

Oh, it just got better.

Now in San Diego. Eric and I were down town for some reason, and we found ourselves in Horton Plaza.

Way back when Eric first moved to San Diego, he saw a documentary or something on PBS talking about this clock. Among other things, it told a story from before the clock was surrounded by glass, and a little girl with a little likeness of a bear visited the clock. She put it in one of the little rings so it could, "ride through time forever." It's pretty hard to see in this picture unless you know what you're looking for, so cropped and highlighted the relevant part:

There he is! Looking more turd than bear!

Oh, sort of bear-like.

Eric with the bear riding through time forever!

Waiting outside Sushi Deli for our wonderful dinner.

I hate wasting "money".

I found this juxtaposition amusing.

Eric in 7-11 buying cigarettes. I'm in the car on his phone with his friend Eric.

At one point over the break my mom said, "What I really like about Arnold Schwarzenegger is that he'll come out and say something like, 'Let's behead everyone who does this!' and everyone goes [chaotic gesture], so he says 'Ok, then let's just raise taxes!' and everyone says 'Thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger, thank you!'


Frisky is scared of her own shadow. This is probably the closest you'll get to ever seeing her.

Eric's beautiful sweater he picked up at Amvets.

Oh the glasses! We found these little old lady glasses! This picture doesn't even do it justice, they made Eric's eyes as big as the frame. You could only wear them for about 7 seconds before your eyes started to hurt because everything was so hugely magnified.

Heading north again. Eric and I always try and tell people that San Francisco and Sacramento are only 1 mile apart, and no one ever believes us, but this sign proves conclusively that we're right.

The huge auditorium of a bathroom at Pea Soup Andersen's. You could seriously show movies on the mirror (were it not, you know, reflective).

The happy little pea soup bench.

And the happy mirror.

Don't worry mom, I'm keeping my promise.

Crossing the Richmond Bridge to the West Bay.

I stopped in Ukiah that night. Willits is shortly thereafter. Someday my mom and I will ride the Skunk Train.


Great! Chinese food! In the distance!

Here it is! I know I should aim more carefully, but I was trying to drive.

Willits High! There's a place to be happy you didn't go. Unless you did.

Back in beautiful Eureka!