Spoon Wars


One time, a whole bunch of us were on the coaster, and I don't remember how this got started, but somehow Who stole my spoon, and he tortured it and killed it, and I just had to watch. So of course I had to get revenge. So I got out some pens, and brandished it, which worked for a while, but eventaully we wound up doing what is roughly the equivelent of sward fighting with the spoon and the marker. Somehow this evolved into fighting regularly with plastic spoons. Which evolved into fighting with platic knives But that resulted in too much blood loss, so we went back to spoons, using forks intermittently.

Kelly Brown took most, if not all, of these pictures

The slain soldiers.

Who and I being disrespectful to the soldier's corpses

I took Kelly Brown hostage while she had the camera in her hands and was preparing to take a picture, so this is the one she wound up taking

Then she turned the camera on herself

Why we stopped fighting

I've never really had impressive bruises before, and since they don't hurt or anything, they're sort of a novelty. So I have documented them. I don't mean to make it sound like Who beat me up or anything, he probably had bruises just as bad, but he never shows his arms, and also he doesn't have a digital camera to take pictures of them with when he gets bored at two or three AM.

More bruises

The culprit behind the bruises

The title is in no way attempting to imitate or mock Star Wars. I have deep respect for all the movies in the trilogy.