The Senior's last day, 1999

Every year, the seniors throw papers all over the place on thier last day

I got several pictures

From several angles

Their last day is always wacky, so I always take a lot of pictures.

There was a guy/chick on the roof

Some guy got a pie in the face. I don't know who this is, but that didn't stop me from running over and taking a picture

The view from the end of the quad

If I had to use a picture to define "freedom", this would probably be it.

Mike Harvey, a senior, and another guy, I presume to be a senior, threw Mark Moffat, also a senior, into the trash can

head first

(don't worry, he escaped)

It's Jesus Christ

My hair was doing neat things with my shadow, which I tried (unsuccessfully) to capture on film.

Shannon is the Sun Goddess.

Jeanette Bonds paid us a visit
I got two pictures

But Cuntino's feet