Eric and Who and I headed out to Sedona to see the Psychic Vortexes! Unfortunately it did not occur to us until a couple days before we left that it's very hot in Arizona this time of year - about 115-120°

This exit's name is 8½E.

Damn it Who, quit hiding!


Not sure why I felt compelled to take a picture of my hand.

The McDowell Exit in Pheonix. It was 107° in the evening.

Illiterate graffiti! Woot!

Mapquest told us it was a 5 hour trip, it's actually 10. We arrived close to 10 PM to find very limited vacancies. We dilly dallied around searching for the cheapest motel, but wound up at one that was rather expensive and subpar.

By the time we called the local supermarket, it was 10:45. They closed at 11. So we raced over, gitty with excitement. When we got there, we just could not decide what to eat. I think we wound up buying an ungodly quantity of produce, mostly.

After finishing these raspberries, I attempted to toss them in the trash, and missed. I left them there, saying "I'm not the maid!" That became the mantra for the trip.

Eric, calling Eric.

After eating a fair amount of produce, I got some dehydrated soup and headed to the front desk to see if they had a microwave. There were two sets of doors, and the man at the front desk saw me opening the second one and yelled, "WHAT?"

At least he didn't threaten to blow my house down.

The same picture over each bed.

An unsuccessful self-portrait.

Oooh! I wore this outfit because they were the coolest two items I own, and together, they make the uglist outfit I had ever worn.

Eric loves his little shorts.

Outside our hotel room.

We were in room 104.

Eric didn't think this hotel had 10,000 rooms.

The lobby. The night we arrived, we initially told them we were only going to stay the one night, but then we realized that would mean getting up real early, and we were all dog tired. We called the front desk and told them we planned to stay another day, instead of having to get up and leave at 11 AM.

Sure enough, they called us at 11 AM, wanting to know if we were planning on staying another day.

Driving around town. Making one wrong turn after another.

Finally going in the right direction.

We tried to follow Eric's guide book to a vortex, but we took a wrong turn and wound up at a Chapel Of The Holy Cross, which was allegedly also a vortex, but one tainted by the Christian god. Fuck that guy.

Since we'd made it all the way there, we decided to get out and walk around. As we were arriving, it began raining.

This looked to be a single residence in the making.

There's my car!

There's my Who!

This may be my favorite picture of Who ever.

As we left, we loudly said vulgar things about the Christian god, and it made us happy.

At the other vortex, the one we originally intended to go to.

Eric, tired of waiting on Who's extensive picture taking, climbs on ahead.

There's my car (seriously, check the bigger picture.)

I like being able to see it, because then I know no harm has befallen it, but even if I saw somebody breaking in, not a lot I can do about it from up here.

Yes, my car is pictured.

A better picture.

We got to about here, and decided to turn around and call it a day. It was kind of muddy, and it'd been raining, so we just figured this was good enough.

Going back to the hotel for a nap. We were out in the rain all day, so we wanted to go back to the hotel and turn the heat on. Unfortunately, the heater did not work.

The weird little creatures living on the roof of the gas station next door. Practically every place in town gave tours, including that gas station.

I'm not the maid!

Who, eating a watermellon.

Eric and I!

He still loves his booty shorts.

Who! That's not what you do with a watermellon rind!

Way to look threatening, no arms.

Since Eric and I were real cold, Who offered us one of the blankets off his bed. So I took it, and we each snuggled up in our individual blankets.

We looked like 2 newborn girls.

This was about the time the cable went out. It was out all goddamn night. When we checked out, I asked if there was any way to get some sort of partial refund, since TV is part of what you pay for when you go to a hotel. They said no, because it was beyond their control. If a meteor had fallen through the roof, that also would have been out of their control, but a roof with no holes is part of what you pay for, and I would expect a new room. They did not see it that way.

The fan! Oh the beloved two-pronged fan!

Other complaints about the hotel that didn't fit elsewhere include further dealings with the extremely rude staff and assorted problems with the bathroom. Primarily, the door didn't shut.

(I eventually did clean up the "I'm not the maid!" pile. I may not be the maid, but it's not his/her fault that the place is run by a bunch of douche bags)

On the way out of town, we stopped at "The Trout Farm" because it looked interesting.


Hereish. Check the full-size picture if you're really interested.

This bridge was rather scary to drive across. Something about being able to see the water underneath.

Turns out the farm part of The Farm is a big man-made lake filled with fish, then you pay to rent fishing gear, and "fish", and somehow this is a sport?

We left before I had to get all Vegan Commando on their sad asses.