A bald-legged outing.


For a variety of reasons, I decided that after almost seven years of having hairly legs, it was time to go bald. So I took one last series of pictures (the entirety of which, I mercifully did not put online).

But I did put up quite a few.

I waxed the one spot! It left a perfect rectangle. I was so impressed.

You can sort of see the rectangle off to the left side.

I look like a 'ho! A naked 'ho!

I took about 10 of these. There was something I really wanted to convey about my toes, but damned if I remember what it was.

Going out! Jessie and her roomate did my hair.

I look so beautiful.

The cheesey but oh-so-vital close up of the eye. If I were 13 I would shrink it down and make it my avatar.

Still lookin' like a 'ho!

Not an amused one, either.