The 8th annual Santa Picture


The day started with the usual waiting around for a while.

We got to the front of the line and, as usual, Santa decided to take a break. Only instead he decided to take lunch, which was an hour and a half. Not wanting to sit around doing nothign during that time, we tried last year's trick of having the lady in line ahead of us take our picture. It took her a few tries to master the camera, but eventually, she got it.

Then suddenly all these people who'd previously claimed couldn't make arrived, all lit slighly differntly! Then they departed just as quickly as they'd come.

While we were out and dressed up, we decided to go have our picture taken a few other places...

Once back in San Diego, we made the traditional pilgramage to Pokez.

I took this picture on the way home from dropping off Michael in Bakersfield. The illegible text next to the emblem says "Developed exclusively for [brand] customers," which seemed like quite a claim for a bucket of soapy water.