Santa Picture


We waited around for Stephen and Ross to arrive. Then they did, and it was good.

Right as we got to be second to next in line, Santa went on his 90 minute lunch break, so we waited around for a while longer befoer deciding it wasn't worth waiting more. I handed my camera to the lady in line behind us, and she took our picture. As luck would have it, Ana had a picture of Santa in her purse, so we wound up having our picture taken with Santa anyway.

Since Alex could not be present, he asked me to hold up a likeness of him so he could be in the picture anyway. I was unable to find a suitable image on my computer, so I hired an artist to create this composite sketch. And I paid her extra to give him a handle bar moustache, because handle bar moustaches are the best.

Ryan initially refused to be in the picture because his face was freshly re-wounded. I insisted, and we eventually reached the compromise that he would be in the picture with a bag on his head. Well he forgot to put the bag on, but that's what he's holding in his hands.

Isn't that dress I'm wearing great? You can't really see it because I'm squatting so as not to upstage Stephen. But it's great.