August 7, 1999, coincidentally Lindsey Elms' 21st Birthday. But she was off in London or Paris or some other excessively glamorous European city.

Right outside the gate, there were these prolife people, it was cool.

We say we saw Santana, but in reality, we actually saw the butts of the people standing in front of us. But we heard Santana.

Even when they sat down, the view could have been better

There were little dancing men on the awnings over all the mens restrooms. They're vague, but visible through the glare.

They didn't know I was taking this. I think it looks like Shannon is Karl's consience, and he's thinking of doing something evil, and she's popped up and tried to dissuade him. If I hadn't caught a little piece of her arm in the bottom, it really would look like she was just a floating head.

This flock of pregnant chicks busted out their lighters and were swaying back and forth. It was exceedingly comical.

Afterwords we went and got chinese food, and Shannon and Karl were violent as usual.