Santa Cruz


I made the trip up to Santa Cruz to see Jodi, and we went up to Berkeley to see Alex. We wound up going to Tilden. We followed signs to the "Little Farm", but stopped on the way to admire some goats by the side of the road.


The one with the curly horns was Alex's favorite.

My beloved vehicle.

Alex and I read warnings outside the Little Farm while we waited for Jodi to go to the bathroom.

Do not eat!


I forgot the calf's name.

A happy sign.

More goats!

I don't know why I felt compelled to take a pictuer of my watch.

No! Alex! Don't hurt the goat!

He was merciful

Jodi took the camera and told us to "look cuddily".
"This is as cuddly as we get."

"No you can't wear my hat!"

"Too bad!"

Here's the calf again. I still didn't remember his name.

He really liked Jodi's hand.

I'm gald he didn't like mine. Calf slobber is gross.

How unsanitary.

This chicken got jealous of all the attention, and began crowing.

Cow genitals! Woo!

This turkey was out to impress.

The ducks were not impressed.

Don't step in poop!

Or tight blood.

Glorious movign sale!

Be there or...?

Going to the river with Noah and friends.

Phallic tree!

Rope swing into the river.

I tried to get video of Noah swinging in, but even after two years of owning this camera, I'm not sure how the video feature works, so I missed the actual interesting part, the splash, but I got the swing.

Kaori, making a happy face.

Noah's bathroom. I call it "Typical Bathroom Stuff and Beer Can".

Noah thought he left his wallet and cell phone at the river, so he returned to get it, while I stood on the balcony and took pictures of his view.

Little door!

Noah's roomates: "Let's throw beer can's off the balcony! Wooo!"

I call this one "Living Room On Stilts"

And look! There's Noah's wallet and cellphone! Not at the river as he had supposed.

So while I continued to wait for Noah to complete his inevitably fruitless search, I depicted the mural.

This trail of ants went all the way from floor to ceiling. Somehow not seeing it, I leaned right in the middle. That's why they're all scrambly right there.

Noah's loves his residence. He has since moved.


Don't squish him!