Santa Cruz


Waiting in traffic, photographing the intersection.

If I had to describe scenic Eureka in a single image or less, this would definitely be it.

This is a close second, not only because of the trucks, but the illiterate signs in the background. It should be noted that "Gas 4 Less" is always one of the most expensive places in town.

Carl's Fine Omelettes!

McDonalds! Woo!

Hey! Don't try and cross the street here!

Less photograping, more driving.

Myers Flat is where it's at.

Jodi peed on the one log house.

Ahh! A big field, empty but for 2 dozen port-o-potties, all in a row. Welcome to Mendicino.

I'm not sure what was with this, but it was around here I got a speeding ticket. Eighty-two in a fifty zone. I was so happy to be getting out of town, it didn't even bother me. Of course I sang a different tune when I had to pay the city of Leytonville $500.

No, I don't know what that says either. Earthdance?

Finally in Santa Cruz! With Jodi and Alex!

Without fail, Jodi had technocolor dream bruises to show off.

No idea where this is. Berkeley perhaps?

I'm going to kill you.

Yeah, definitely Berkeley

Taking Alex home.

A farmer's market!

A large image of a bicyclist in the road. Or rather, a large image in the road of a bicyclist.



What are you waiting for?!?

Alex expressed amusement over how every single town must now have a thoroughfare renamed after Martin Luther King

The hot tubs are open! With an oddly manicured plant.

Alex and I were amused at how everything in the vicinity tries to make itself look like it's associated with the school.

Oh, ok.

The bus is coming for you, silly-looking man!

We must stop and reflect back. AT LEDGERS LIQUOR!

Oh, hey, there's my car. Except not.

Walking man!

There's your place.

That sign on the building on the end is not fooling anyone. It was clearly a taco bell at one time.

Ahh, bay area traffic.

Getting ready to pay a toll! Even better!

Going across the bridge!

I hate that the Richmond Bridge has no shoulder. It leaves no room for error. I respond by taking my hands off the wheel and taking pictures.

It looks like a ramp.

The little peep-hole below the railing never fails to scare the shit out of Eric.


Santa Rosa traffic!

No traffic after that.

Myers Flat: Still where it's at.

Eureka! Fourty-seven miles! Woo!

The Eel River

You know, nothing highlights a dirty windshield like a beautiful sunset.

Someday this habit is giong to kill me.