Santa Cruz


After flying back from Spring Break, I drove out to some beach near the beach, the location of which I've completely forgotten, and tried to go in the water. But it was too cold. So instead I went home and took a nap.

No idea where this is or who that cat is, or why I didn't bother to restrain my hair before taking this picture.

This is Jodi and Noah's driveway.

And here are their cats, Buddy and Hayward.

The goddamn postfix notation assignment that I could not, for the life of me, get even remotely close to working. Don't remember why I felt compelled to take a picture of it. I hated that assignment.

More kitties.

Missed my face.

A mural at CSU Monterey Bay. It's Jodi and Noah!

And Alex and I! In the corner is my heartfelt letter pleading with him not to grab my ass, but as you can see he's cast it aside and continues his characteristic ass-grabbing.

You know, I did not intentionally give this picture these dimensions, but I've decided I like it better this way.

Watching over Jodi so she doesn't get attacked while doing laundry back in Santa Cruz.

She's safe.

She loves to try and seduce me.

The ass-grabber himself! We went up to Berkeley to pick him up, and the whole way Jodi and I sang the milkshake song and annoyed Noah so badly he wouldn't speak to us for hours.

I forced them to go to the uberhip Saturn so I could get pie. This is not pie in the picture. This is nachos.

And this is Jodi and me looking like dufuses (dufi?).

Jodi's invisible.

Alex is off to the left.

Op, there he is. We were trying to convince him that he needs to carry a picture of Jodi and I in his wallet. We were also trying to send him psychic brainwash messages. Be didn't do so well on either count.

But we sure showed those nachos who's boss!

It's a flier with Alex and I! Alex is the one holding the moon. I'm the one with the long hair.

Every time I go to Santa Cruz, I go "Lets go to Dharma's so I can get pancakes!" and Noah bitches because he hates Dharma's and feels it's overpriced. I drag him kicking and screaming, and then we get there and they don't have any margarine to put on the pancakes so I wind up getting scrambled tofu and dragging everyone there for no apparent reason.

But they do have fun plastic animals.

Getting ready to leave.

Noah's crying because he's so sad to see us go.

Alex puts on a brave face for him.