Santa Cruz


The contents of the birthday package my mom sent me, including my beloved chocolate covered pretzels.

Walgreens was offering "FREE PICTURE CD WITH PURCHASE OF DIGITAL PRINTS." If they're already digital, why would you need them on CD?

Jon's roomate Mimi's cat. She later acquired a dog, which got lost. I found and housed it for a week without even knowing it was hers.

A freeway going through Berkeley. If I had to capture in a single image why I hate the Bay Area, this would be it.

I was passing though on my way to Santa Cruz. I dropped Jon off in Oakland.

Jon Cross and the goofy skiing sunglasses.

A mural in Santa Cruz.

Noah is the pink decapitated bunny head in the tree

I almost deleted this picture, until I saw the add for long hoses.

Noah loves long hoses

We both love pollution and global warming!

Noah and I took seperate cars up to Oakland because he was going to be staying, whereas Jon and I were going to be headed North. About half way there Noah got a call on his cell phone saying Jess and Jon were going off on some fabulous adventure and had left town and I'd be driving up to Humboldt alone.

So we pulled over at this beach to tell me and try to get in touch with them so as to meet up and hang out.

Meanwhile, I stood around and took pictures.

Noah was unable to get in touch with them, and turned around and went home. I continued north and arrived home safely, and we all lived happily ever after. The End.