Santa Cruz


Ahh, good ol' burger.

If I recall, this was the first time I'd seen Jodi and Noah's dwelling.

I dragged them kicking and screaming to Saturn so I could get pie. It was "Oreo chocolate mouse" or some such thing, and Jodi and I got it all over ourselves.

It was like that trick gum they have that turns your mouth all red. It was trick pie.

Trick or not, it was good pie.

We returned to Jodi and Noah's dwelling to continue our healthy meal.

Going to the beach!

What would the beach be without a bongo drum?

They decided to go in the water. Then they chickened out.

But they wound up getting wet anyway.

I had the sense to sit on the sand and observe. It was cold as hell being perfectly dry, I got cold just watching them.

The next week at school I got the best parking spot ever. So good, I had to take a picture of it. I could almost see it from my class. Slightly computer enhanced.

This is weeks later. Eric and I feared my mom would take the Christmas tree down soon, so we had our picture taken with it. That was May 30. It stayed up until Eric took it down in October. We had hoped it would stay up for a second Christmas.