Santa Cruz


Some of these are proportioned oddly. I fixed those which were egregiously disfigured, but I'm pretty lazy. The whole image is proportioned properly, but these here pseudo-thumbnails are not.

I don't remember the exact order of pictures, so I've tried to reconstruct it to the best of my ability. It may not be the gospel truth.

Shortly after Noah and Jodi started going out, Noah and I drove up to see her.

The plan was initially that I would come over to his house that night, we'd go to sleep and leave the next morning. But we don't have that kind of patience, so we nixed the sleeping and just left. As a result, we were both rather sleepy when we arrived in town. There's this freeway offramp that curves sharply, and Noah went a little too fast and hit the cement wall.

His car wasn't too badly damaged, but it was still less than thrilling.

We arrived in town about 8 AM. After we'd all gotten some sleep, we woke up later that day and went to a thrift store. They had this weird contraption that, as far as we could tell, was a rocking-thing for little kids. Here, Noah demonstrates it's proper usage.

Back at Jodi's residence, we contemplated what to do next.

I stuffed the crotch of the underwear that was affixed to the wall for no apparent reason.

I don't remember the story behind this picture.

Noah and I decided to get out of Jodi's hair for a while, so we wandered over to see Paul.

That night, we wandered through the forest to the taqueria, Noah carrying Jodi's purse.

Jodi and I stopped to hug a tree.

Jodi trudging along carefully.

The next day Alex rolled on into town, and there was some sort of a street fair. Jodi and I got our faces painted.

You are mesmerized by the $2 blue spiral on my forehead.

We ran into this police car parked in a red zone for a non-emergency. We left him a nasty note.

At the taqueria.

"If you love me, you'll put an onion in your nose."

We may have made two trips to the taqueria that day, because I seem to recall this being later. Maybe it was the next day.

I don't know where this picture goes either.

Jodi looks like she's 5.

Alex and I wandered back to the car to get his glasses, and he stopped to pose with this lovely meter.

No recollection of this whatsoever.

Back in Jodi's dwelling, cooking.

Actually, noah was cooking, and I was trying to give Alex a mohawk so he could be a punk rock externally as he is spiritually.

Instead I just got it really greasy.

He loved it.

Silly Alex, wearing your hat backwards isn't punk rock!

Being beautiful really takes it out of you.

Don't know who this is walking through the picture or what Noah's got his fist in the air for. Anarchist solidarity, no doubt.

Dance party!

Dolly Parton loves it.

Jodi fixing Noah's pants.

Hiding under Jodi's bed.

A food and an ass.

I don't remember what inspired this.

But Jodi fell off and ripped her pants.

So she changed her shirt.

Everybody in bed for no apparent reason.

Out of bed and dancing! Woo!

Jodi's panties on my head.

Noah's not sure whether he's going to rob a bank or make out with Jodi.

Intimate apparel for all!

Mmm! Cookies!

We used to steal Alex's shoes or wallet or whatever else we could get our hands on. This time I stole his deoderant. I put it in the fridge. I kept trying to get him to get things out of the fridge for me so he'd see it and have no clue as to how it got there (because, you know, I steal his shit all the time, so when it turns up missing, he never suspects me), but he wouldn't. So finally I just told him where it was and gave it back to him. I was beaten, but I amused myself with the thought of the face he'd make if he'd put it on right then.

Not at all serene like this face.

The next day we went to dog beach.

We watched the fucking doggies. Not pictured.

A "throw sand on Alex" party turned in to an all out burial.

A friendly man who asked not to be put on the web site (and sort of got his request) came along and asked if he could help. Although Alex was mostly burried by this time, we accepted, and he sat down and chatted with us.

I got up and started to take pictures, like the one above, when he said, "I have an idea for a picture," and started to take off his pants. Jodi and Noah and I looked at eachother, Alex unable to see what was going on behind him. I said something to the effect of, "Why don't you keep your pants on?" and he looked at me like I'd just made an amusing comment at his expense and continued to remove his pants:

We left with great haste after that.

About 8 AM the next morning. Noah drove Alex to the bus/train station. He's so thrilled.

Later that day Jodi and Noah and I went bowling.

Jodi is such a skilled bowler!

Karl once pointed out that bowling is the only sport where, when you do poorly, the equipment makes fun of you.

Jodi and Noah had beverage names, whereas my bowling name referred to fecal matter.

Dance Party! Woo!

Even Noah can't believe how badly he beat us.

We went down to the warf and spent the last of our money playing Air Hockey.

I think this was an attempt to photograph the seals down by the warf.

Dance party on the warf!

They seem to break out wherever we go.

The next day we went down to the Monterey Bay aquarium. In the kids section they had this big cutout/mural thingy of assorted sea life. Noah kissed the otter. He really wanted to kiss all the grubby little kids whose hands have touched it, but he didn't think their mothers would appreciate it, so he kissed the otter instead, because it's practically the same.

Looking at the real otter, which was cute as a motherfucker, by the way.

Hey, don't flash the octopus, you perv.

Leaving the aquairum, admiring an artichoke growing nearby.

Because the people in the housing department are shitheads, Jodi had to vacate her room that night, so moved all her stuff out and back to her first room and roomate.

The next day Noah and I left.

And we did not shoplift from this store.