Flying home for no apparent reason


In the airport, they have these silly little posters of airplanes. The expression on this man's face caught my fancy.

My huge fingers attack his plane!

Where does this door go?

Oh. Ok.

"Summon the unipod!"

Creepy hipster-anime mannequins

This was at the San Francisco airport. You see, I was scheduled to fly out of San Diego at around 9 Sunday night, but my flight was delayed 2 hours. "No," they assured me, "Of course we won't put you on this flight unless we can be certain you'll make your connecting flight."

It should go without saying that I missed the last flight out of Arcata that night. "Don't worry," they assured me, "We'll put you on the next available flight out...10 AM on Tuesday."

"Of course we can't put you up in a hotel! What do you think we are, responsible for the f'ing weather???" When asked how I ought to occupy myself for the next 36 hours, "I have no idea." Exact words.

So I did what any sane person would do: I called Rory Dowd.

He agreed to come pick me up, which I very much appreciated, because it was the middle of the night and I didn't know how long public transportation continued to run. I told him the whole story and where I was, but it didn't occur to either one of us that I was not in the arrivals gate, but the departures (because, I was supposed to be leaving, you see). Rory went to arrivals, and wondered where I was, while I waited in departures and wondered where he was. We both independently concluded the other party was dead.

Prior to this, I had not even known Rory had a car, so I had no idea what I was watching for. As it turns out, his parents gave him their old car, so it was a familiar one.

It was fuckin' great to see Rory. He played gangsta rap in his car and was generally very Rory. When we got back to his apartment his roomates were still Trivial Persuit. Some of them went to bed shortly thereafter, but Rory and his friend and I played till the sun came up.

I was supposed to show up at the airport 7:30 and hope to make it on standby, but we overslept. I showed up around 9, I think, and made the 10:30 flight to Arcata.