Sorrento Valley


I found myself in Sorrento Valley for the first time in years, and I was pleased to see that it was still as wretched as ever. I missed my Coaster, and the next wasn't for over an hour. The absence of busses at the station was a pretty big hint, but for lack of anything better to do, I wandered off for a half-hour to see if I could find a bus stop. I could not. I think Sorrento Valley is too wretched even for public transit.

I got to shortly after this point before I turned around and started heading back. Then I thought, "Hey, why don't I take a picture to show how far into the middle of nowhere I got." I guess they don't see a lot of pedestrians out this far: Not one but two people pulled over asking me if I was alright and offering me a ride.

"Let's try this again, but this time, I'll get my shoes in the picture."

They were new shoes, so I chose hot pavement over blisters.

Facing the other way, we still have a big fat nothing.

Ahh, finally on the Coaster. Back in my day, there were two booths, but now they have one booth, then a pair of evesdropper seats. Then, behind the half-wall, with their backs to the eavesdroppers, a pair of anti-socialite seats. How the Coaster has changed.

This is all Sorrento Valley is: industrial park after industrial park. And I'm leaving!

See? Booths. Just like god inteneded.

I didn't realize until I saw this picture how much like robot heads the tops of the seats looked.

The famous hillside cows that no one ever believed the Coaster Kids about.

I spent so much of my youth at this Toys R Us it shames me now.

I was spoiled.

The new transit building.

This was my bus; Natalie dubbed it The Albino Bus.

On this particular occasion, I was in a car.

Evidently the choice I made earlier in the day about hot asphalt > new shoes was ill-informed.

The lesson I learned from all this: Taking a picture of your foot is hard. Don't try this at home.