Leaving San Diego


The view from the top of the Laurel St. hill.

Downtown San Diego from the runway. I was wanting to take more pictures as we got closer, buy my camera - which ultimately broke a couple months after I bought it and was about as reliable as the rhythm method - shut off immediately after this.

Look who's come back to life!

San Diego has long since eaten our dust.

I happened to have a layover in Portland on my return trip. Perhaps I was just sleepy, but as we were landing, it just looked like a great place to be. That's what put the notion in my head that I should move there. In the meantime, I enjoyed some kid's self-portrait.

Being the last person to board the dinky airplane to Arcata meant I had to take this picture while running.

I think this is somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta. It could really be anywhere.