Flying into San Diego


The helpful seat locator was located in the Portland airport. I don't know why I got such a kick out of it.

Mount Saint Miguel?

This is the 94. The big field with grey-roofed white building is the cemetary across the freeway from the Coca-Cola factory.

The 94 and the 15?

The 15-805 Junction?

This has to be that golf corse east of Florida St/canyon, adjacent to Morley Field.

There's Florida Street right under the wing, and the lowest parking lot of the Naval Hosptial to the right.

The naval hospital. The road going down the right side of the picture is Florida Street.

The curving road is Park Boulevard. Farther south it becomes 12th Ave. Inside the curve is Balboa Park.

The pink building in the lower left is the Aerospace museum, and the white buildings closer to the center are the museums. The museum of man's signature tower is probably behind the plane's wing. The big building way in the distance (maybe an inch left of the wing) might be those two old folks homes at Park and University in Hillcrest. The bottom right has the dwarfed World Beat Center and another little snippet of Park.

On the leftern extremity of this picture is the bridge over the 163 leading to the Museum of Man, followed by the other museums. Just below the bridge over the 163 is the aerospace museum again

A better view of the bridge over the 163.

Sixth Avenue with Balboa Park on the right and condos, condos, condos on the left.

Fourth and Third Avenues, with Mr. A's being the big black and white building on the right.

That's the 5.

I kept trying to get a picture of downtown, but the all selfish drivers refused to read my mind and kept sitting in the middle of my picture.