Fliers, cows and Chris, oh my!


The Computing Science Club held and Linux Installfest, and charged John with the sacred duty of making the fliers. He saw to other responsibilities, so I re-deligated it to everybody, figuring that way half the people could flake out, and we'd still have a nice variety of fliers. Michael made this one. No one knew his handwriting, who had made it was a great mystery. Eventually, he 'fessed up, but for a while, it was the talk of the town club.

Ed and I made this one. The "Micro$oft" was his touch. The love between the BSD and Linux mascots was mine I think.

Cows! The lot behind my apartment complex is filled with cows. One day they were all next to the fence, so I depicted them with my camera.

First from the comfort of my vehicle; then I braved the cold.

See? Cold.

This one was kind of close to the fence, so I went to take his picture, but the closer I got, the more he backed up.

Here he is getting to turn and flee. Never heard of a skittish cow before.

Chris and I, in Founders Hall, killing time before I have to go to Math. We usually run into 2 or 3 CCAT'ers waiting here.

Chris loves to have his picture taken. He was like "Go stand over there and take my picture!"

"No! Closer!"

Now he's getting bored. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he had a huge ego or something. He puts his name all over everything he does. Next thing you know he'll buy his name as not one but two top level domains. Ahem.

The plaque fell off the bench. I thought about stealing it, but decided against it. I'm sure whoever came along next opted otherwise.

I'll take no school any day.

So many special events going on.

Ed's famed dance for wireless signal.

And now, more mole fascination!