Rose's party


Noelle cleverly shields her face with a bottle of beer. The blonde girl with her back to the camera just finished driving 18 hours from Las Vegas seconds before this picture was taken.

Rose is a bunny rabbit.

Somebody brought a game that was like Trivial Persuit meets Truth or Dare based on the 7 deadly sins. To get the token for a given category, you had to do an activity from a special pile of cards.

We all picked a deadly sin. I was vanity.

One of Rose's friends whose name I don't remember had to act like a gorilla. She couldn't bring herself to do it, so Rose helped inspire her. It's a damn shame my camera doesn't have audio, because the sounds were the best part.

I don't remember what Mike's dare was, but it doesn't seem too embarassing in this video.

Rose's other friend had to prance around the room in her underwear. That's when I decided to mention that these were all going on the internet.

My dare involved spanking.

Rose's friend who'd done the spanking got a dare wherein we all got to tie a ribbon to her. We made her pretty.

Later she completed her makeover with two anger tolkens.

The same poor girl who'd had to dance around in her underwear now had to drink a shot of anything we mixed for her. Rose shows off her handiwork.

Stirring all the deliciousness together.

The final ingredient.

She loves it and wishes she could drink two.

Rose had to bitch out this plant for wronging her.

Sam danced around with a lamp shade on his head. Not as part of the game, just because he likes to do that sometimes.

The dance continued.