Punk Prom


Every year The Placebo puts on a themed alterna-prom. This year it was Angels and Devils.

I didn't aim to be one or the other, I was just looking for an exucse to be ridiculous. I think Tracy and Josh were going more for the infernal look. Who wore his usual black, but was coaxed into adding some rainbow suspenders to the mix (not pictured).

I wanted all of us to have our picture taken, but I wasn't sure where to set the camera while we waited for the self timer to go off. As some random person passed by, Josh suggested get him to take it. I objected, because I thought he looked like he was too stupid to operate a camera. Upon saying this outloud, I realized how ridiculous it sounded, so we asked him. It took a lot of coaching to finally get this picture.

Look out, Eureka Teen Center! We have a armor!

As we approached, I asked Josh his opinion of how much older we were than the median age. He estimated ten years.

Ed's band, Burnt Toast, was supposed to play, but the evening wound up coming to an early end. But we didn't know that when this picture was taken.

Look at Josh's sexy leopard shirt I gave him. Somebody's sure to get laid tonight.

Ed's Computing Science Club sweatshirt is almost as sexy.

Dao had warned me that I probably wouldn't recognize her at a glance in her gettup. Indeed I did not.

Dao let us use her red makeup to try to put blood stains on Tracy's armor. The consistancy wasn't really right.

They even had a camera set up in front of a backdrop, just like a conventional prom. John was taking pictures. Afterwards, The Placebo puts them all online for all to see.

I don't know the angel, but I was amused that Dao's about to be killed, so I stole this off their web site, in addition to all the several pictures below. The best part is the sign for the restrooms across the top.

We were instructed to cram in a little tighter.

The Eureka Teen Center did not have smartasses in mind when they designed this mural.

I tried to get a nosey picture of Josh and Tracy, but the situation was just too low-light. Eventually I just resorted to blinding.

Blinding for all!

Josh talked Who into going into the mosh pit, who unthinkingly went in with his glasses on, so after this picture was taken he was double blind. Somebody actually found the frames and one lens at the end of the night. They'd seen better days, but they were wearable. Dao even brought us the other lens the next day.

You are so blind now.