Invasion Of The Polish Pirates!


Joe had some sort of a polish dance thing he participated in. I've forgotten most of the deal, but he got to dress up in the traditional polish attire, and look like a polish pirate.

You can't see because my scanner is a sadist, but this is the greatest picture ever taken. Joe has this cool sneer on his face. I tried to scan it like five times before finally coming close, but even then I was unable to do it justice

In this one part of the polish dance he was supposed to be drunk and passed out, so everybody was carrying him around

The chicks got to wear these cool skirts that were so poofy they couldn't put their arms down all the way.

Arrr...cap't, does it make me shoulders look broad?

It looks like Joe's hailing Hitler

Who wants the honor of writing a caption for this picture for me?

"Does anybody know where we're going?"