Once Upon A Mattress

We went to this play, being preformed by Carlsbad high, we sat in the front row, and were totally obnoxous. And the leading actor looked like a penis. A lot of these pictures are from surrounding events.


The Slayer Story: we were walking behind these girls, and they were maybe eleven years old. They were really really trendy. One of them was like "He hates her. He really really hates her" then another one said "I know, I hate her too" Another one, or maybe the first one agian said "He hates her so much". I didn't think they'd hear me, so I was like "Does he really hate her?" so one turns around like I actually know who they're talking about and goes "He does. He really really does". Shannon does a little slayer sign and goes "Slayer!". They giggled and ran off.
Then they come up to us later, and they're like "What was that sign you made?" and so Shannon does another one, and they follow.
"What does it mean?"
Shannon said it like it was something totally neutral, like carrots or something. So the trendy chicks go "Eeew! SATAN!!!" and start jumping up and down. I don't remember what happened what happened immediately after that, but later on we start thinking it would be really cool if we could get a picture of them doing the Slayer sign. So we hunt them down. We're like "Can we take your picture?" and they're all like "No, I don't look good" so Shannon starts rubbing her hair in her face, saying that even if they do look screwed up, she'll look even worse. They're like "No..." and so she's just like "Well, maybe if I just stand here like this..." she puts up a slayer sign. It was like she dropped a fucking bomb. They scattered. I've never seen little trendy girls run so fast in my entire life. One was kinda wandering around making the sign going "What does this mean? What does it mean?" and the others practically hissed "It means SATAN!". So Shannon was still trying to convince them, and then one of them goes "We have to go, our dad is picking us up". "Our dad" like they're all sisters or something. The fucking play hadn't even started yet, and their dad is gonna pick them up. They couldn't even give us a reasonable excuse. It was so hillarious though. Anyway, all I got a picture of was Shannon staning by herself with her hair in her face.
Oh man, after the Slayer incident, we went to this park, and guess what we saw.

Jess MacDonald

This is my friend Kerry, but I kinda forgot that the window in my door had a screen, so you can't see her. Jodi says this picture looks like those pictures of apperitions or Mary or various saints.

We passed by this street, Asswood Ave. Of course I had to get a picture

Shannon O'Dell

There was this evil car wash, and it growled at Jess, or spoke to her or something. Anyway, we were watching it to see if it would do it again and it broke.

Woo-hoo! Take it off!!!

Kelly got to announce the upcoming station.

I was looking up from where I was sitting, and it was really pretty. I got a couple of pictures of it. One was with just a little of the building.
The other one was about half and half

I think this is Dennis.

We went to Dennies, and I put greese in my hair ("It makes it shiny")

Shannon impresses the conductor.

We wanted to know what would happen if you took a picture with somebody's glasses in front of the lense. This is what happens

I'm attractive

It's The Ice Cream Man!

Jess and her urine scented incense

In Jess' room

It's the Vulcan Mind Meld

Jess on her keyboard

Jess ate orange hash browns, isn't that gross?

Remember to do your part in picking up the trash

. All the people I knew who were involved in/went to the play, and then one. From left: Jess, Shannon, Jessie, Billy, Josh Ong, and some chick.

Shannon playing her guitar

Shannon and Jess watch TV

This picture got screwed up

Shannon O'Dell and Paul Greene. If you try, you can convince yourself that either head could belong to either body.

I don't think I meant to take this picture

I love to take pictures of people when they sleep

Hanging out in front of the Taco Bell/KFC place

Spur of the moment, Shannon tossed her soda all over Kelly for no apparent reason

This was the first weekend we made a video. I took this picture because in the left is Shannon. In the center, on the TV, is Shannon. Fiddling with the TV, is not Shannon. It's Jess' dad. Just in case you got confused.