Who and I made a day trip up to the Oregon border, since neither one of us had been that far north.

Paul Bunyan and his big blue anatomically-correct ox at the Trees of Mystery in Klamath never cease to amuse me.

Had some trouble aiming the camera, but we got us and the ox balls, and that's what matters.

Who and I pulled over to get a couple better pictures of the water. I'm not sure where this is, but I'm going to call it Klamath, since the time stamp is just a couple minutes after Trees of Mystery, which claims to be in Klamath

Eventually I broke down, drove the extra 100 feet and pulled into the parking lot of the Vista Point.

I probably planned to delete a great many of the near duplicates I'm putting online, but right now I feel that you can just wade through them.

Finally at the border! As we pulled up to take our pictures with the sign, there was a car ahead of us who was already in the process of taking their picture there. We wondered if we could get them to take our picture, but they got away too quickly, and anyway, neither one of us particularly likes talking to strangers.

We had no idea how long the self-timer would wait, so we ran to the sign to be sure we'd be there when it took the picture. We were also too far away to hear the shutter, so we just sort of stood there uncertainly for a little while until we were pretty sure it must have taken it.

Then I demaded we take another one intentionally capturing us running toward the sign, since Who so rarely runs. Who humored me by starting out running, but now he's taking his time.

I don't even remember where this was, we just pulled off the freeway somewhere that looked like it might have a good view. As it turned out, it was just a bunch of houses, and to get a cliff-side view we would have had to do some serious trespassing.

On the way up to Oregon, we passed this museum. We're just driving happily along when suddenly there's a huge ship on the side of the road. Obviously we didn't stop until we were on our way back, by which time it was closed.


We drove down the street to see if we'd get a good seascape.

It seems Who actually got out of the car for this one.

Or not

Birds, perhaps that is not the best place for you to relax.

Who is looks highly suspect in this picture. What is he so pleased about?

The sign says "First Chance Liquor". Approaching from the other direction, it says "Last Chance Liquor." Perhaps Curry County, OR, is a dry county?