Ohio! Part 2 - This Time It's Personal


At Donato's Pizza, where Eric once worked.

At Heater's, where Eric once lived.

Kroger had the weddding shoes! At four times the price we paid for them!

Eric's cat Cleo! He's real sweet.

This little blur of stripes was a child belonging to the girlfriend of one of the Erics' friends. I don't think I caught his name, but he was a real terror. He got mad about something, so he threw down his plastic knife and stormed off, with all the adults laughing at him. Which just seemed so weird - my family always took me seriously when I got mad, but I must have done things just as comical.

He came back out a couple minutes later, and started playing with chalk. Soon he discovered that it stuck to clothes and faces, and he bedecked us all.

Eric got him back though.

One of the Erics was lying on the ground, and he started drawing a line around Eric. Eric said something along the lines of "Hey, don't draw a chalk outline around me! I'm not dead yet!" Anyway, this evolved into fullblown cadaver-style chalk outlines. Since I was unable to get a picture of his real face, I've included this likeness of it. He gave himself a second set of eyes above his eyebrows. I don't think he recognized the first set as eyes.

I got suckered into drawing another chalk outline, on which I gave him a huge afro. Apparently he didn't appreciate this, and retaliated by calling me something along the lines of "Pee Pee Poo Poo Head". I normally hate little kids, but I have to appreciate the brilliance of their insults sometimes. I would have never thought to connect two bodily functions and a body part and call it an insult. That was when I decided I liked this kid.

Of course I would not have felt that way had he lived within 2,000 miles of me.

Don't get mad! Don't get even! Get together! With God!