My Trip to Ohio

I was going to discribe each day, and the pictures that I took that day up in the description somewhere, but I would like to have them up by the time school starts so I don't have to worry about it, so I'm going to just add them at the end for now, and then go back to the day by day thing if I have time.

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Day 1-Tuesday, July 27, 1999
I was on Continental flight 1520 leaving San Diego at 7:10 AM. We arrived in Houston at 12:15 PM. From there I took Continental flight 1494 leaving Houston at 1:23 PM and arrived in Colombus, Ohio at 4:56 PM.  Since it was so early, the airport was almost entirely empty. I was all the way on the back of the airplane, so I was just about the last to get out. Eric was beginning to think I'd missed my plane or something, and he was getting all mad. But I hadn't. I would have been very angry if I had. I was staying in his room, and he moved into his brother Bradly's room, because Bradly had bunk beds. We just kinda sat around his house that day, and visited the grave yard down the street from him. I just got one picture, of Eric's new hair.

Day 2-Wednesday, July 28, 1999
First thing we did was we went to the grave yard. During my trip to Ohio we went there many times. I don't remember what pictures I took when, but I'm gonna try and keep them in their appropriet days. We went to this creepy abandoned building in the middle of the night. Rumor has it the place is haunted, so we spent a large portion of the day at the library looking at old newspapers trying to find some news on it. They found it mentioned in some books, and on one web site, but over all we came up with nothing. The building itself was a very old, big, brick building. It was really pretty. Eric tells me that it was originally an insane asylum, back in the day before they really knew what to do with the mentally ill, and just kinda caged them up. Anyway, people started disappearing, but they no body really cared, so they didn't do anything about it. Years pass, and it becomes a bible collage. They're fairly successful, and decided to add on. They start digging in the back, and they find all these bodies, and they just left. They didn't pack up or take any of their stuff with them, they just left. I know this screams "urban legend", but when we went there, we looked in the windows, and all the stuff was still there. It was all set up, just like it was still being used, except that it was apparent that it wasn't because of the condition of the building. Eric's friends, Kristina Foreman and Heidie Elson were there. Kristina was kind enough to drive us around every where. Eric and Heidie were all brave. They wanted to go in and everything. Meanwhile Krissy and I were being cowardly whining about how we wanted to go back to the car. I was so scared. I'd known her for like an hour and I was sitting there holding her hand, thinking "I want my MOMMY!!!!!!!!". I took two pictures of us there. And of course you can't see shit in either of them, but I got them. One was of Heidie by the back of the building. The other one was just the building. I wanted to go back later during the day to get a picture of it during the day, but we never got around to it. Eric and Kris promised to do so and send the picture to me.

Day 3-Thursday, July 29, 1999
This was one of the days we went to Colombus, a little over an hour away, to try and find a gay flag. Every weekend, they dress up and cruse the square. Everybody plays really loud music, and acts goofy and it's really cool. Anyway, they wanted to go get a gay flag and hang it on Kristina's car while they cruised. We never found one.

Day 4-Friday, July 30, 1999
We rented seven movies, for seven days for seven dollars. It was a really good deal. My sources are conflicting on what we did which day, and in what order, but I'm gonna say that on this day we went to Wal-Mart to buy letters and beads for this shirt Eric wanted to make. It was black, with white iron on letters, with pink beads glued on them. The original plan was for them to be sequins, but that was financially out of the question. On the back of the thing that held Eric's letters, it had suggested phrases and thing you could put on shrits. They were hillarious. We saw this cool dress-like thing, and we wanted to buy it but it wasn't for sale. It was only to show you some of the cool stuff you could do with the fabric. So instead we just had Eric put it on and pose with Kristina. I bought Eric Geri Hallowell's solo CD, Schizophonic. We went to Terra Ferres' house and got ready. Eric crimped Kristina's and my hair. We all dressed up like idiots. Terra wore this mumu, or however it's spelled. Kris wore this weird dress that had a halter top sort of a thing. She did at one point get stuck in it, allowing me to get a picture of her looking like Terra's walking her. I wore my whore dress, which I used to wear a lot when I was a conformist, but hadn't really since 8th grade. I looked whorish indeed. I was gonna wear this bra that had the boobs included, but I left it at Eric's house. I don't think I've worn that since 8th grade either. The cool thing about that bra is not so much that it makes it look like you have large breasts, as it makes the boobs you do have stand up. Like you can't look down cuz they come all the way up to your chin. Anyway, I got a picture of Eric with Kris and Terra, and a picture of Kris and Terra with me. No body was crusing for the first half hour or so. There was this fair going on, and it was the last day. We guessed that's where they all were. They showed up eventually. Afterwards we went back to Eric's house and watched movies and every body spent the night there.

Day 5-Saturday, July 31, 1999

Day 6-Sunday, August 1, 1999

Day 7-Monday, August 2, 1999
We went online at night, and this night everyone in the world was on. It was cool. That put us both in this really good mood, and we laughed so hard we drooled all over ourselves. Then Eric went into convulsions from laughing too hard. We went online every night, and I don't remember what night I took it, so I'm just gonna put it here. It's Eric's profile.

Day 8-Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Day 9-Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Day 10-Thursday, August 5, 1999, Caroline Conlon's birthday
We didn't call Caroline or anything, because the day after I left for Ohio she left for Ireland, and we had no way of getting in touch with her.
I finally got a picture of Heidie and her cat, which I'd been intending to do ever since I got there just about. We spent the night at Terra's house, and from there Krissy drove me directly to the airport.

Day 11-Friday, August 6, 1999
I left Ohio on Continental flight 1493 leaving Colombus at 5:55 PM and arriving at Houston at 7:27 PM. From Houston I took Continental flight 1851 at 8:34 PM, which arrived in San Diego at 9:39 PM. Well, after delays it got there at about 11. Houston has two airports, according to my aunt Jane, a former stuardess. She said that the Dallas airport is so horrible she had nightmares that that's where I had to transfer flights. She was a stuardess for well over ten years, and every time she went to Dallas she barely came out alive. But the Houston airport I went to was bad enough. My terminal was on the other side of the airport (they always are, aren't they?), but I had an hour to kill, so I went there. The sign there said it was another flight, but I figured it was probably the flight before, so I just waited there anyway. Pretty soon the guy announces that it was moved to gate C35 and delayed 45 minutes. I landed at gate C35 to begin with. But I went back. Meanwhile I'd passed this "Madrid" poster about eight times, so I took a picture of it. Little did I kinow I would pass it about eight million more. I was sitting there with about an hour and a half to kill writing in this notebook. But like five minutes before they were due to start boarding I ran out of paper. I'd passed this store, and I didn't have to turn or anything to get there, so I decided I could get there and back in five minutes or less. I got there, and didnt' find anything, so I started to go back to my terminal, and after walking for like five minutes became totally disoriented. I had no idea where I was going, or where I'd come from, how far I'd gone from the store, if I'd gone the right direction or anything. So I went to one of those big sets of TV screens, that say flight information. My flight wasn't on there, so I found another one, and it said it was boarding. And it said it was back at the other gate. I ran over there, all along the way I kept looking at the TVs, and they kept telling me diffrent times and diffrent gates! By the time I got back to the gate I'd originally been sent away from (I was at this point scared shitless, convinced I'd missed my flight) it was apparent that they weren't boarding anybody, I asked somebody who worked there nearby about it, and she's like "Did you check those [whatever they call those TV things] over there?" and I said yes and that it wasn't listed. She kept asking me if I'd looked under departures or arrivals and I kept saying departures. So she walks me over there, at this point I was about to start crying, and it's not up there. She points me over to somebody with a computer to ask, and I do so and they tell me it's back at C35 again. So now all I have to do is figureout where it is, how to get there, and hope they haven't taken off yet. So I just ask someone like every ten feet, until I start seeing signs. At which point I just ran like I was on fire or something. I finally get there. Not only are they not boarding, but they have been delayed again. So I waited there with no paper. Finally they start boarding. Everyone's standing in a big mass, next to me,  there's this guy, standing somewhat closer to me than I would have liked. Being anal about personal space,  I moved the other direction a foot or so, and he moved also, like he was following me, but he wasn't behind me, he was next to me. And he wasn't talking to me or trying to, or even looking at me, he was just following me. I wasn't sure if he was a pedofile, or if he was gonna steal my purse, or what. I eventually got away, but it was the weirdest thing.

Pictures I haven't yet put into specific days
Another picture where Eric's hair looks kooky

From Kristina's back seat during the day
At night

The coolest superhero ever: BIBLE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
And on weekends he plays Bibleopoly

At this chinese place, Heidi and I both got something which resulted in us getting really big spoons.

GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s long lost illigitimate son.

Terra had this weird thing, I'm not sure what it was. It looked like siamese twin basketballs. Anyway, I put it under my shirt and I looked like I had really big, albiet lopsided, boobs.

In a mall in Colombus, there was like a playground for little kids. All the toys looked like various breakfast foods.

We saw this sign in the Ohio airport.

Terra, Eric and I made Kristina this calinder. This is her face when she saw it
This is everybody looking at it.

Eric dancing on Kristina's car

I saw this in the Houston airport. It's a sign that says "Chapel" over the door, but then you look in, and there's nothing there.

We had a cat named Chessie. He was named after the mascot for the Chessie System railroad by my dad, who was a railroad buff. We saw this in an Applebees. I took a picture of it for my mom. Also at that Applebees: We ordered, and we were waiting. We started to notice that other people who ordered after us were getting their food already. There were only like three other parties, none of them more than four people. We didn't have anything difficult to prepair, so we were kinda confused, but waited it out anyway. We only had to wait like a half hour when our food shows up. It's good, and we were about done, when the manager comes over. We thought we'd done something wrong, and he starts asking us about the food, and we're like "Yeah, it's good", and then he's like "It took entirely too long to prepair, we're terribly sorry, it's on the house. Order anything else you want and that'll be free too". It was the coolest thing.
Little Applebees flags that came in Eric and Kristina's hamburgers

In the graveyard by his house, there is a section for people who died during this war. I forgot what war it was. I want to say civil, but it seems to me it was more recent than that. Like WW1 or something. But anyway, there is this statue there, and one time Eric and his friends were driving through there and they saw him in the headlights and thought he was a real person, and he scared the living shit out of them. Anyway I saw it, and I was thinking it didn't look a whole lot like a real person, but like every time I looked over there I'd see it and think it was real. It's the strangest thing.

I was sitting in Eric's living room,with Kristina, and we were waiting for him, and there were these creepy fake cats sitting accross the room staring at us. It was really weird.

We went to this Chinese food place, and there was this big fireplace in the corner of the room, and this big mantle, and then there was this creepy little ceramic man not more than six inches tall.

There was this fenced off area in the grave yard, belonging to the Curtis family, and they had this cool monument thing, and then a lady who looked like she was riding a flying carpet.

My favorite Ohio souvinear: A singing and dancing Santa Claus (I got the African American one).

I just thought this looked cool.

I saw two Do NOt Enter signs right next to eachother in the Colombus Airport.

Eric, doing his hair.

Eric actually does his hair like this usually, but just did it the other way to fool other people into thinking he looks that cool all the time

At the graveyard, there were these tombstones right next to eacother, and at first we thought they were the seven dwarves, but then we counted and realized there were only six.
Then we saw one a little distance away. We figured he must have had a falling out with the other dwarves or done something to be shunned.

Eric on the phone. One of the few pictures of him without his hair done.

Eric set himself as the background on Terra's computer. Here he is with himself.
The picture set as background

The flying carpet lady from the Curtis plot

Eric in the graveyard

Ironically, you can't see the hairclips Eric is wearing, which is the reason I took this picture.

Heidie with Kristina's dog

I got this for Shannon Kelsey at the Gospel Supply place near Eric's house.

More fun in gospel supply stores. I am really beginning to regret not getting one of these beautiful t-shirts
Christ is King

Kelly Brown is going to grow up to be a minister at a Gay Street church (note: look at the bottom of the picture).

Terra had this black cat, which I've become convinced it my old cat reincarnated.

A ladder to nowhere.

On the flight back, I was in the back row, and there was no one else there, so I kept switching seats and moving and everything. There was also a light right above my head that lit up when the bathroom was occupied. But it was cool, because it lit up BLUE!!! A shade of blue that did not show up in this picture, but I still find it amusing.

It looks like Kristina and Terra are doing dirty, dirty things here. They're not. But it looks like they are.
This is a similar picture of Eric and Kristina, where they're not actually doing anything, but it looks like they are

At one point we went to Old Navy with Kristina, and she was buying stuff, and all that, and meanwhile Eric tried on a tech vest, size 12-24 months.

At the graveyard near his house, there was this angel, but somebody had broken off it's head, left wing, and hand.

This was a mosoleum at the grave yard.

This is Heidie, Eric, and Kristina looking in the other mosoleum.

There were all these graves marked by things that looked like George Washington's monument. One however, looked like a penis.

After we went the the bible collage, we went to this one abandoned house. Not nearly as creepy. We didn't go in there, but there was a headless cement donkey I got a picture of everybody on.

This one day I never even bothered to change out of my pajama's which included a long skirt and this shirt that said "Hawaii" that Eric got at this Wal-Mart in just such a state. Further more I was wearing my velcro shoes and missmatched socks. It was the coolest thing ever. Anyway, this is me wearing that outfit running around in Terra's front yard.
And running the other direction

We went to a mall in Colombus, and there were black and white pictures of model's wearing their cloths on the back wall looking like they were having lots of fun. One such model was named "Shanna" and I momentarily thought it was Shannon O'Dell. Additional note: Shannon was there when I picked the pictures up from the photo place, and we were looking at them, and she thought it was her.

I know where the sidewalk ends. It's on Wooster St. in Mt. Vernon Ohio.

More fun at gospel supply stores: it's the smoker's prayer
And on the back appears 1 Corinthians 10:13

I went to Ohio mid summer, as you can see, and had totally forgotten that in Ohio it snows. Having previously never even been to an area where snow is actually an issue, this blew my mind. I've been to places where it snowed, but not to the extent that it was really an issue.

A really cool bumper sticker I got at the gospel supply store


Eric with his dead long-lost great-great-great-great twin aunts. Both of whom looked just like him.

Kristina in Eric's old band uniform

Eric discovered a new way to get his hair to stay standing while it sets.

I don't think I have any pictures to go with this, but they had these things called "Testa-mints". They were mints with crosses on them and little bible phases on the wrapper. They came individually wrapped, or in packages. I got my mom a package. They were actually pretty good. HEY STUPID!!!! NEW STUFF BELOW!!!!!!!

I finally got around to scanning a bunch of the cool stuff I got at the gospel supply store. Among other things, I got God's blank check.

Superheros these day are just getting less and less exciting

The Cults: Where they go wrong

We went to McDonalds and I got a happymeal, and it came with man boobies!

The little piece of paper that came with the manboobies

The back of the little piece of paper.

I got these cool paint by number pieces of Jesus plastic, and I was going to give them out to all my San Diego homies, but I lost them, so I just scanned the paper. You can convert it to bitmap and color it in yourself

I'm sorry, but this is just asking to be mocked: It glows in the dark for crying out loud!!!

This was the spiffy little holder my ticket came in

I got tired of looking at the dumb chick's dumb face, so I fixed it.

I have no idea what this flyer is trying to advertise.