Nothing particularly interesting


A student-beautified desk in one of my classes.

Coons! I was leaving the library, and a racoon ran across the street. I tried to get my camera, but it was too fast. Then another one crossed! And a batch of three more followed. They were huge.

This dog was wandering sadly around. I tried to get him to let me read his collar, but he ran away. I took his picture so that if I saw "Lost Dog" posters, I would know it was him.

The Eureka courthouse-post office. I think it's funny that the court house and post office are in the same building.

And there's the jail!

Eric and I love to stay at the Royal Inn for a week.

Beloved tilty Royal Inn

An ass? I don't remember either.

Oh, right, this was at the CCAT employee org meeting.

Somehow this struck me as funny. Not 10 minutes, and not fifteen. Twelve. Exactly.

Back to the courthouse/post office.

See? Same building.

It's a pretty cool building though.

The fact that Eureka has not a swap meet, nor a flea market, but a flea mart, never fails to amuse me. And there's no smokin within 20 feet of the entrance neither.

"New furniture
at Low Prices
Knives Toys"

I wish someone would explain this "be brave bold robot" phenomenon to me. It's in all the bathroom stalls. I googled for it, but to no avail.