Pizza with Noelle and Tatton


I wanted a picture of them in the back seat, but this really didn't have enough detail, so we made a few more attempts with the flash. One of them, Tatton I believe, said, "This is fun, we should do this more often, 'Hey, do you want to go out to the car and take pictures of ourselves?'"

This was the day after the Noelle and Tatton photo shoot. I hadn't had any alone time in days, and I was nearing the end of my rope, so I dropped my mom and Who off at the hotel rather curtly and went driving around alone. I wound up on the road that leads to Mad River Beach, where my car hit the 170,000 mile mark.

Later that night, Who and I went out for pizza with Noelle and Tatton. They had this sign in their door, which amused Noelle to no end, so she took this picture from inside the establishment.

I almost deleted this, but then I saw the look on Who's face

Noelle too this, and I love it more than anything.

Mmm, pizza