Noah's birthday


I think Noah's past 4 birthday celebrations have been the only times in the past 5 years I've seen either of the Eyzaguirre brothers.

His traditional birthday dinner at Sipz this year.

Caroline's blurry, let me try this again...

Oh, now Natasha's blurry.

They got Noah reading glasses, beause he's a little bit blind.

Kaori switched sides because she wanted to sit next to me, because I am badass.

Natasha and Caroline's other gift was a ceramic stoned cow. You can just faintly see it, but you see those red dots on its face? Those are its eyes.

Caroline absolutely loved it that I took her picture while she was blowing her nose. She couldn't have been happier.

I demanded a group picture outside. I wouldn't have cried if it'd been a little more well lit.

Afterwards we went back to Noah's house. Those attention whore Eyzaguirre brothers were thrilled to be there.

I don't remember what was so funny.

This seems like abou the time the cake would be lit and brought out, but I sure can't find it in this picture. There was cake though.

Totally unrelatedly, this is the sidewalk outside bank of America. It's sparkly.